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Other Common Pests

Most Common Pests In Connecticut

Pavement Ants:  They are annoying, as they bring up dirt particles along driveways, sidewalks, around stoops or basement slabs at crevices, the ants will forage for food and become annoying in the home.

Mice:  Love to infest homes and any man made structure, traveling anywhere, leaving feces (droppings) in kitchen drawers, basements and throughout, spreading disease on human eating instruments.  Normally entering during the late fall when temperatures drop, looking for warmth and a free meal.

Rats:  They like to burrow usually near food sources and enter the home for warmth and food sources and carry many diseases.

Spiders:  Very common among many homes and structures, more so when higher moisture content is available with insects as a source of food.

Wasps:  They commonly construct nests around and in attic spaces of homes and any other man made structures, if felt threatened will sting causing allergic and life threatening reactions.

Yellow Jackets:  Love to build nests to around and in any man made structure, landscaping, walls or in the ground, noticed by many small bees flying back and forth, threatening the nest may cause several of them to sting and cause allergic and life threatening reactions.

Bed Bugs: Recent News Reports finds this insect has made a resergence in our homes, it is not a socio-economic problem, infestations found on Park Avenue in New York City as well as low income housing, not any easy insect to control.