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Wood destroying pests

The usual suspects:

Subterranean Termites:  Very prevalent, more so in sandy moist areas, but observed throughout the state, workers are white and found in the wood when feeding, normally in the spring the future kings and queens emerge as swarmers, be careful not to confuse with swarming ants, termite can do a significant amount of damage.

Carpenter Ants:  Infestations very destructive to property throughout the state, the size varies from a quarter of an inch to approximately a half an inch, infesting the nicest tree (the home) they forage in areas of infestation and the kitchen (food, they will eat the same food as humans), moist poorly vented areas are a prime area of infestation, leaky roofs, pipes, any where, normally some evidence of foraging in or around the home is evidence of an infestation.

Carpenter Bees:  They drill into soffet areas, along roof lines, decks, porches, window sills to construct a cellular nesting site to lay eggs, a perfect quarter inch hole with frass (sawdust and staining is the evidence of an infestation as well as a large bee hovering).